Heart Failure Study

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Heart Failure Study

The Heart Failure Genomic Study began in 2014 and serves as the foundation for answering a series of key research questions that will unfold over time.

Heart failure is increasingly common. Scientists think that genetic and environmental factors have a role in causing this disease. By looking at the genetic makeup of patients with heart failure, we hope to discover how to personalize the treatment of heart failure and ultimately prevent it.

During the first year of this study, ITMI focused enrollment on patients using LVADs (left ventricular assist devices). The patient enrollment rate is 92 percent. The second year of the study added a new arm of advanced heart failure patients: patients who have not yet engaged in a course of treatment with a mechanical circulatory device or a cardiac transplant. ITMI hopes to expand the spectrum to include transplant recipients.

The key to this study is tracking the progression of heart failure patterns: predictors of onset, adverse events, disease progression, and disease recovery, response to treatments, optimal treatment combinations, and optimal timing of treatment interventions.

Heart Failure Study at ITMI: Why participate

Patients are eligible to participate if they have a diagnosis of heart failure and they are seeing a doctor on the Inova Fairfax Medical Campus cardiology team.

Heart Failure Study at ITMI: Who is eligible

This study would not be possible without people like you – people suffering from heart failure who are willing to provide samples and information to our researchers.

By joining this study, you will have a role in helping our researchers uncover the role of genetics in heart failure and develop personalized therapies depending on a person's genetic makeup.

Heart Failure Study at ITMI: What will happen if I enroll

  • Samples: We will collect small samples of blood and saliva at Inova Fairfax Medical Campus
  • Survey: Our clinical research staff will also ask you questions about your medical and family history, diet, social environment, overall health and behavior

There is no cost to participate.

Join the Heart Failure Study at ITMI

To learn more about this study or inquire about enrolling, contact Kathi Huddleston, PhD, Director, Clinical Research or call ITMI at 703-776-8199.