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Collaboration has been essential for some of the most successful scientific endeavors. Inova Translational Medicine Institute (ITMI) engages in several collaborations to extend its ability to analyze massive amounts of data and make new discoveries about human health.

Current ITMI partnerships

Amazon Web Services

ITMI data are available via the Amazon Web Services Simple Storage Service (S3) storage solution, and data transfer to the ITMI S3 bucket is fast, easy and secure. Within its basic framework, we are able to set up development and production environments, various data access scenarios, and virtual private clouds for increased protection for different workflows. Additionally, all allowed collaborators can access the data from anywhere in the world, based on user certificates. ITMI is also guaranteed a high-level of system availability and system integrity, which significantly reduces overall responsibility and cost.

GNS Healthcare

ITMI works with GNS Healthcare to develop computer models capable of predicting risk of preterm live birth. The models will be built from ITMI’s massive database, which includes both normal birth and preterm birth family cohorts, using next generation sequencing and electronic medical record data. GNS and ITMI will license the models and corresponding software for use by health systems, pharmaceutical companies and biotechnology companies with the goal of more effective diagnosis and reduction in risk of preterm birth.

Institute for Systems Biology

ITMI works with the prestigious Institutes for Systems Biology to develop bioinformatics technologies to support Inova’s large-scale whole genome sequencing projects. Through this partnership we are building robust software tools that can acquire, integrate and analyze the complexity of integrated genomic and clinical information with the enormous amount of data that ITMI is collecting. These tools will move ITMI closer to discoveries that enable the practice of predictive and preventive medicine.

Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University formed John Hopkins Clinical Research Network (JHCRN) in 2009. Through JHCRN, Johns Hopkins is strengthening the research infrastructure of community hospital affiliates, and in the process, extending to a growing number of patients the opportunity to participate in Johns Hopkins studies conducted in their own communities by their own physicians. Inova became a member of JHCRN in April 2011 and participation in the network allows reviewed and approved research to be conducted at Inova.


ITMI is working with PierianDx to provide more personalized diagnosis to its cancer patients. Inova is using PierianDx’s platform to classify, interpret and report on genes in the Life AmpliSeq Tumor assay.


Qiagen and ITMI announced the commercial launch of Inova Genomes, a unique digest of ethnically, phenotypically, and ancestrally diverse whole genome sequencing data for researchers seeking to accelerate cohort analysis programs or improve success rates in diagnostic odyssey cases. Qiagen will serve as the exclusive distributor of the database, which is accessible via the company’s secure and integrated Ingenuity® Variant Analysis and CLC Biomedical Genomics Workbench platforms.

Stanford University

ITMI and the March of Dimes Prematurity Research Center at Stanford University School of Medicine are partnering to discover biomarkers capable of predicting risk of preterm birth using genomic data. The causes of preterm birth are complex and in about half of cases, are unknown. While there is understood to be a genetic component, to date no individual genes have been identified as causative.

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