For Physicians

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What can I do?

For Physicians

Inova Translational Medicine Institute (ITMI) research is at the forefront of developing personalized care that allows doctors to be proactive in predicting and treating diseases and disorders.

What does ITMI provide physicians?

ITMI is working with you to:

  • Enroll patients in groundbreaking studies and answer tough medical questions about rare diseases, chronic diseases and oncology
  • Provide highly validated genomic testing results in our state-of-the-art lab
  • Provide direction for optimal use of pharmaceuticals for individual patients (in the near future)

Patients' role in ITMI research

In our studies, our research clinicians work with doctors and patients to ensure their participation in our studies is integrated into their care at the hospital. Our conversations with study participants are held so they do not disrupt office visits. We collect blood and other samples as part of routine lab work as much as possible. Learn more about our research studies available to patients.

Refer a patient to ITMI

We want to partner with you to refer patients who are:

Genetic counseling services for physicians

Led by Dr. Natalie Hauser, a board-certified medical geneticist, biochemical geneticist, and pediatrician, our clinical lab staff and expert genetic counselor are translators. We work with you and your patients to translate complicated genetic information and help communicate implications to your patients. Currently, we provide this type of genetic counseling for oncology patients and participants in our congenital disorders study, as well as for medically important findings from our other studies. We also recognize that genetics and genomics can be very complex and are becoming an increasingly integral part healthcare. We are also available to help interpret and discuss any situation involving genetics and genomics.

Contact us

For more information, call us at 703-776-8199.