Genetic Counseling at Inova

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Genetic Counseling: Helping you make better informed medical decisions

Do you have a family history of cancer? Concerns about your risk of neurological conditions or progression? Do you want to learn more about an inherited birth defect or genetic syndrome?

Inova is here to help. Please explore our genetic counseling options using the links below. There is a dedicated phone number to call for each program: cancer, neurological, and medical genetics.

Cancer Genetics

For individuals who are concerned about their personal and/or family history of cancer.

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To test or confirm genetic links to neurological conditions including dementias, movement disorders and more.

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Medical Genetics

For children and adults with inherited genetic disorders, birth defects or suspected genetic syndromes.

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Pre-Conception Genetics

For couples considering having a child, test for common genetic disorders.

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Cancer genetics: call 703-698-2491

Neurogenetics: call 703-776-2822

Medical genetics: call 703-776-8199