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Women's Health Patient Support Groups & Classes

Classes & support groups

Maternity tours and childbirth classes
Inova offers a wide variety of childbirth and family education classes for potential, new and expectant parents. Selections include labor and delivery, Lamaze, breastfeeding, baby care, and sibling preparation, as well as maternity tours. Baby beeper and breast-pump rentals are available, as well as post-partum support groups for new moms and breastfeeding moms.

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Women’s health and education
Inova offers a wide range of classes, lectures and events targeted at the unique health issues and wellness needs of women. Sessions are held at numerous convenient locations throughout Northern Virginia. Lectures include topics such as advances in the treatment of breast cancer and uterine fibroids and women’s orthopedic health.

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Breast cancer support and education classes
Inova Cancer Services hosts Life with Cancer™, Inova’s premier emotional and educational cancer support program. Life with Cancer offers many classes, support groups and counseling for women in treatment or remission for breast cancer. Pre-op classes and tours can help women prepare for a lumpectomy, nodal biopsy, mastectomy or breast reconstruction.

Learn more about additional cancer support groups available at Inova Alexandria, Inova Fair Oaks, Inova Women's and Inova Loudoun hospitals.

Support for gynecologic oncology patients

The gynecologic oncology program at Inova Women's Hospital is nationally recognized for diagnosing and treating cancers of the female reproductive tract. We recognize that a cancer diagnosis can devastate a woman's health as well as her life and the life of her family. Our support services are designed to ease these difficulties and provide the individualized attention each woman deserves. 

  • Inova Life with Cancer™ – an Inova program that helps people face the challenges of living with cancer by providing information, education and support – free of charge 
  • Image recovery – how a woman feels on the outside, how to protect yourself after chemo/radiation/wig cutting 
  • Nutrition – dietitians provide guidance to cancer patients on how to maintain the healthiest diet possible during treatment
  • Spiritual support for all denominations – emotional and spiritual support for patients and families throughout the cancer journey
  • Sensitivity to cultural diversity and needs – respecting all patients' needs, including cross-cultural communication to ensure the highest level of understanding
  • Financial counseling – financial counselors help explain and reconcile medical bills for cancer services

In-home nursing care

If you need extra care following surgery or childbirth, Inova Cares at Home can provide a full range of home care services. Inova Cares at Home is the leading home care agency in Northern Virginia and brings quality, skilled and coordinated healthcare services directly to you in the comfort of your home.

Online resources for women

General health resources 
Women’s Health Resources will help you manage your health throughout your life – from the childbearing years to senior years. 

Pregnancy and newborn resources 
Find out more about pregnancy and newborn care. This online library offers you articles, news stories and other resources you need during this wonderful time in your life. 


Learn more about a wide range of Inova-specific topics and treatments for women by watching any of our short videos