Hospital Charges

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Information About Hospital Charges

Inova is committed to providing meaningful information about our charges and to helping our patients understand the financial obligations they will have for healthcare services. This information is designed to provide you with general information about our charges. For the most accurate information about your estimated individual financial information, you should speak directly with our Patient Financial Services department, as explained below.  

Standard Charges

When reviewing the list of charges, please note the following important information:

  • Your final bill likely will consist of multiple different charges on the list below depending upon the specific services provided and how long you are at our facility.
  • Hospital “charges” are not the same thing as expected payment or your personal out of pocket responsibility. We negotiate reimbursement rates with each health insurer and in most cases we are paid less than the amount listed here as a standard charge. The charges listed are our standard charges before taking into account negotiated rates with health insurers and any other applicable discounts.
  • Each patient’s individual responsibility will depend upon that patient’s insurance coverage and/or eligibility for Inova’s financial assistance policy.
  • You may receive multiple bills for your stay, including separate bills from physicians not employed by Inova (including anesthesiologists, radiologists, surgeons, and other specialists). Each of these additional providers maintains their own list of standard charges and you should contact them directly for additional information.
  • For the most accurate information about your estimated financial responsibility, please follow the instructions below to obtain personalized pricing information.

Download list of standard charges (CSV) 

Personalized Pricing Information

Inova can assist you in obtaining personalized price estimates based on your individual situation. If you would like to obtain additional information about your individual estimated financial responsibility based on your planned services and insurance coverage, please contact one of our financial quality coordinators at the numbers below:

Inova Alexandria Hospital: 703-504-3068
Inova Fairfax Hospital: 703-776-6019
Inova Fair Oaks Hospital: 703-391-3840
Inova Loudoun Hospital: 703-858-8091
Inova Mount Vernon Hospital: 703-664-7454 

To ensure that we can provide you with accurate information, please have the following information available when you call:

  • Description and procedure codes of planned services
  • Location of services (i.e. inpatient or outpatient)
  • Physician name and contact information
  • Your insurance card

Financial Assistance

Learn more about Inova’s Financial Assistance Policy 

For any additional questions about your financial responsibility, please contact our Patient Financial Services Customer Service department at 571-423-5750.