Inova Employee Assistance Program

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Inova Employee Assistance Program
Worldwide Access. Extraordinary Care. Broad Range of Services.

Inova Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is a comprehensive, top-tier, and affordable provider of global employee assistance services. Companies of all sizes, from multinational corporations to small businesses, nonprofits and local governments, can draw upon the strengths of our centrally managed EAP – with access for each employee no matter the location where he or she may work. Inova’s EAP offers your employees a variety of benefits in the areas of work-life balance, grief and psychological counseling, legal assistance, financial guidance, childcare and eldercare assistance and daily living resources such as pet sitters, home repair, and chore services. We also provide extensive and convenient program management tools and support for employers to easily set up and have employees utilize EAP services.

When you provide an EAP service as a benefit to your employees, you are giving them an important tool for staying well. With Inova EAP, each employee can securely seek help for personal or work-related problems. 

Choosing Inova EAP helps you obtain higher employee productivity, resilience and well being. Learn more about the Inova EAP Difference 


Inova EAP Benefits

  • 12,000+ providers in 200 countries globally
  • A record for innovation: The first EAP to design and implement a comprehensive management and assessment program 
  • High utilization rates: More than double the national average for a standalone EAP
  • 14x utilization rate over insurance-based EAPs
  • 100% case management and follow up
  • 98% of employees served and surveyed say Inova EAP helped them
  • Counseling options by phone, face to face and secure instant messaging
  • Satisfaction rating of 98% or higher

The result: improved productivity, increased attraction and retention of employees, lower healthcare costs and happier individuals.



Shopping for employee health services for your employees or clients? Learn all the reasons why Inova is the preferred provider of employee assistance services.



Chat with a counselor, learn more about your services, browse health topics, and more...


Solutions for your business and your employees.

Watch this video to learn about how Inova EAP can support your employees and contribute to the success of your organization.


Instant Access from Anywhere

  • Access all your EAP services through one mobile experience
  • Enjoy the convenience of video or text-based counseling
  • Designed for iOS and Android
  • Available in multiple languages



Global Coverage

Inova's network includes providers in all 50 states, Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands. Our global service centers support more than 60 million employees across over 78,000 organizations in more than 200 countries around the world.