Inova WellBaby

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Inova WellBaby

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Welcome to Inova WellBaby!

The Inova WellBaby program is available to Inova employees and their spouses who are currently pregnant, or currently breastfeeding and delivered within the past 6 months. All eligible employees and their spouses can join Inova WellBaby, regardless of the number of hours they work or how long they have been with their employer.

Additionally, Inova WellBaby is one of many programs that can be part of your Wellness Journey. If you have your insurance with Inova and would like the highest savings tier on your health insurance premiums you must complete at least one activity under each dimension of health: Be Aware, Health Coaching, Eat Well, Healthy Mind, Live Green, and Be Connected. The WellBaby program fulfills the Health Coaching dimension and is a great way to gain valuable education and support throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Features of Inova WellBaby

  • Ongoing expert support from a dedicated Care Manager nurse
  • Answers to individual questions by email and telephone
  • Lactation support if you decide to breastfeed, to help you start and keep breastfeeding successfully
  • 24/7 access to our website with education, resources and links for expecting parents
  • Seasonal tips to help you manage your pregnancy no matter what time of year

About Our Care Managers

Everyone who enrolls in Inova WellBaby gets a Care Manager for their entire pregnancy. You can send a secure message to your Care Manager as often as you want with your questions and concerns, and receive personalized expert advice. You can also expect your Care Manager to call you each trimester to check in.  Prefer not to get phone calls?  No problem, just let us know!

Inova WellBaby's Care Managers are all nurses with years of experience supporting pregnant and breastfeeding women. They will answer your questions and concerns regarding your current pregnancy.

How to participate in WellBaby

After you register, we ask that you maintain your participation by completing your monthly online "Bump Check" survey. These easy surveys take just a few minutes to complete, and they help your Care Manager address your individual needs and concerns. All information in this form is held in complete confidence.  

In addition to these surveys, you will receive weekly educational information by email.  This weekly information is tailored to your stage of pregnancy and includes helpful tips about what you might be experiencing physically, what to expect from appointments, and even how to help older children adjust to their new brother or sister.