Inova Neuroscience Research Program

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Striving for continued advancement in the treatment of nervous system disease

The experienced researchers affiliated with Inova Neuroscience Research Program are part of Inova's world-class team of neuroscience specialists that collaboratively work toward advancements in diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the nervous system.

Improved patient care through research

Our clinical trials and outcomes studies pair the expertise of our internationally recognized neuroscience physicians and researchers with the real-world needs of patients. Our patients often have access to care that is not widely available.

Some of our exciting research efforts include:

  • A new drug treatment for patients dealing with the devastating effects of traumatic brain injury, offering a chance at improved mental recovery
  • Two different clinical studies offering hope for stroke patients trying to recover from neurological dysfunction
  • A comprehensive Brain Tumor Registry that collects brain tumor specimens for advanced genetic testing and other biomarker assessment to help predict the most effective treatments for future patients

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