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Patient Education for Joint Replacement Patients

Are you scheduled for surgery at Inova Mount Vernon?

Prepare for your joint replacement surgery at Inova Joint Replacement Center with these convenient online tools

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Watch the Videos

Please view this video first, to learn important things to know in preparation for your surgery.

Please view this Inova joint replacement pre-operative overview video.

Prepare with Your Coach

Please watch this video with your coach to learn more about what to expect before, during and following your joint replacement surgery. Once you have finished watching both videos, please take the quiz.

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Take the Quiz

Inova Shoulder Replacement Program-Quiz image

After viewing the videos, please take this required short quiz. The quiz assures you that you are well-prepared for your surgery, and helps us know about any items about which you may need more education.

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thumbnail of joint replacement coach brochureA good coach makes the difference!

A coach can be any family member or friend who commits to providing support to a patient as they go through the joint replacement surgical process.

Required coach participation

We highly recommend that a coach be present at the following “checkpoints.” If the same coach cannot be present at all, you may elect an alternate coach to stand in:

  • Pre-operative clinic
  • Online video and quiz
  • Day of surgery
  • Physical therapy session(s) observation

Download our printable coach guide with more details and important pre- and post-op information PDF

Join our online discussion board

Inova Joint Replacement Center is pleased to provide an opportunity for social networking with other joint replacement patients. Enjoy communicating with other patients who have recently gone through a joint replacement surgery at the Inova Joint Replacement Center at Inova Mount Vernon Hospital. You may want to join in a general conversation, or connect with others who are scheduled to undergo the same surgical experience based on:

  • type of joint
  • type of procedure
  • surgeon

Share words of wisdom, tips for recovering at home, and rehabilitation expectations. All you need is an internet connection. Visit to get started. (A new web browser window will open.)

Click here for printable instructions PDF