Inova Well

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Welcome to Inova Well: Your Source for Health and Wellness

Inova Well’s purpose is to create a sustained culture of wellness by leveraging our clinical expertise to provide evidence-based solutions for healthy people, healthy community and a healthy planet.

What we believe

We take a whole-human approach to health and support a personalized journey to individual wellness. Offering a multitude of avenues to engage creates a path to this personalized journey. Our wellness program is centered on 7 key dimensions of health:

  • Be Aware: The starting point on every wellness journey is built on foundation of understanding your personal health profile.
  • Health Coaching: While the individual path may be unique, coaching offers support along the journey.
  • Get Active: Physical fitness is a core element of health that supports long-term health benefits and helps prevent chronic disease.
  • Eat Well: Good nutrition and healthy eating habits provide a foundation for being healthy and can reduce the risk of chronic disease.
  • Healthy Mind: Living life to the fullest is centered on having a healthy mind. This broad scope includes addressing stress management, altruism and financial wellness.
  • Be Connected: Much time is spent with work teammates. Finding shared interests and helping one another develop is paramount in creating a sense of community in the workplace.
  • Live Green: The health of our environment and our health is closely connected.


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