Onsite Health Clinics

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What can I do?

A world-class benefit for your employees

On-site health clinics located at the workplace are quickly becoming the option of choice for savvy Northern Virginia organizations seeking to control spiraling healthcare costs.

Developed and staffed by Inova's knowledgeable and experienced professionals, an on-site health center offers your employees the ease of convenient, no-wait appointments to deal with life's everyday aches and ailments. No longer do employees need to lose precious hours of work time traveling to a doctor's office. Your employees will love the convenience and continuity of on-site care. And your organization will benefit from the tailored, cost-effective program Inova creates just for your needs.

What you'll find at an on-site health clinic

  • A fully-staffed health center at or near your place of business
  • A team of skilled Inova-employed medical practitioners
  • A full range of preventive health services and acute care for common illnesses and conditions:
    • Health and wellness screenings
    • Medical exams
    • Primary care
    • Disease management, especially helpful for common conditions like diabetes and hypertension
    • Flu shots and other vaccinations
    • Treatment for work-related injuries

Benefits to employers

  • Reduced healthcare claims and direct healthcare costs
  • Higher rates of employee compliance and engagement for improving their health status 
  • Improved employee productivity, health, satisfaction and retention

Employee benefits from an on-site clinic

  • Access to convenient, high quality preventive and primary healthcare
  • Time-saving appointments with less missed work
  • One-on-one attention from known caregivers
  • Long-term followup for chronic conditions

Want more information?

Please contact Jeff Carr at 571-472-0168 or marina.manarin@inova.org.