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Diabetes 101 Booklet

Caring for Your Diabetes: Basic Information to Help You Get Started PDF
(Intended for use with inpatient care during your stay at the hospital and preparing for discharge)

Classes & Programs

Programs to benefit both adults and children with diabetes

Our programs empower both adults and children with diabetes to make lifestyle changes necessary to successfully self-manage diabetes. We provide basic and comprehensive educational services for adults and children with type 1, type 2 or gestational diabetes. In addition, we offer individualized care and consultations to meet your specific needs.

Preventing Diabetes Class

People often have prediabetes before developing type 2 diabetes. Blood glucose levels are elevated, but are not high enough to be considered diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes can be delayed and even prevented with healthier habits during the prediabetes stage. The Preventing Diabetes class provides evidenced based guidelines on how to increase physical activity, make changes in your eating habits and other positive lifestyle changes that can stall or prevent type 2 diabetes.

Please check with your healthcare provider to see if this prediabetes education is appropriate for you. (The class is not intended for individuals already diagnosed with diabetes).

The Preventing Diabetes class meets one time for 2 hours of education. There is an optional individual follow-up appointment. Classes are held at our Fairfax, Fair Oaks and Loudoun locations. To register for the Preventing Diabetes class call 1-877-511-GOAL (4625).

The Preventing Diabetes class does not require an order form from your physician or insurance authorization. You pay for your class at the time of registration. Because seating is limited, registration is required in advance. The program fee is $50.00.

Living Well with Diabetes

This program (formerly known as Diabetes Basics) is for any person with type 2 diabetes – recently diagnosed, new to diabetes self-management or seeking education after years of living with diabetes.

Certified diabetes educators help you understand the basics of controlling your blood glucose levels through good nutrition, moderate activity and blood glucose monitoring.

Other topics covered in the classes include healthy eating, exercise, diabetes medications, managing blood glucose levels, heart health and overall wellness.

The class meets twice and each session lasts two hours.

During the class, you will receive a Living Well with Diabetes educational workbook. Additional resources can be found here:

Annual Update

Have you taken the Living Well With Diabetes class series? Call us when you are ready for more support. We suggest an annual visit so that we can update you on:

  • Blood sugar goals
  • Meal plans
  • Activity
  • Prevention
  • Medications
  • Coping
  • Problem solving

Call your local Center for Wellness and Metabolic Health for more information about an annual update visit.

Gestational Diabetes

Our Gestational Diabetes program is for women who develop diabetes during pregnancy. We work with you and your doctor to help ensure your healthy pregnancy. Our certified diabetes educators teach you how to take care of your gestational diabetes through nutritious meals, exercise and self-monitoring of blood glucose.

We also provide ongoing individualized education and insulin administration skills training if needed.

The program consists of one educational class and an individualized follow-up session one week later.

Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Continuous Glucose Monitoring is a step beyond your own self monitoring and provides more detailed information about your blood glucose patterns and/or blood glucose excursions. This service is available at our Inova Fairfax and Loudoun locations.

Participants wear a sensor for three to four days. The sensor measures the glucose level of your subcutaneous tissue every five minutes. After the sensor has recorded its series of measurements, the data are downloaded for analysis.

Continuous monitoring provides your healthcare provider with comprehensive information that can be helpful in making treatment changes. It is especially useful for identifying overnight hypoglycemia.

Insulin Pump Training

An insulin pump may provide you with improved blood glucose control and a more flexible lifestyle. People of all ages, with type 1 and type 2 diabetes, use them. But deciding whether insulin pump therapy is right for you can be an overwhelming decision. Insulin Pump Training begins with an orientation to answer your questions about pump therapy. If you and your healthcare team decide to move forward, our certified diabetes educators will provide the education and support you need to be successful.

This service is available at all four of our diabetes services locations in Northern Virginia.

Insulin Management Program

This program is designed to help you achieve tighter blood glucose control through intensified management of your diabetes.

Your certified diabetes educator discusses the technical skills you need to better manage your meals, exercise and insulin use. You also learn coping skills to handle the emotional challenges of living with diabetes.

Individualized Diabetes Education

Inova Diabetes Center offers personalized education with a registered nurse and/or registered dietitian. Our team members will work with you to create an individualized diabetes management plan based on your health profile and lifestyle. Contact the location nearest you to discuss your individual needs.

Topics we cover include:

  • Insulin therapy
  • Injection training
  • Insulin management
  • Insulin pump training
  • Carbohydrate counting
  • Calculating carbohydrate/insulin ratios
  • Healthy travel guidelines
  • Exercise guidelines
  • Pre-pregnancy planning
  • Special needs

Weight Management Program

Inova Center for Wellness and Metabolic Health offers individualized coaching on weight management. You will meet with a Registered Dietitian to focus on healthy behavior changes.

This service is offered to individuals with insurance or self-pay (in the future, Medicare coverage will be provided). You do not need to have diabetes to participate in our Weight Management Program.

Planning Healthy Meals for Diabetes – Part One and Two (new)

Meet in a small group setting with a registered dietitian to hone your skills in carbohydrate counting. Learn priceless tips on eating healthy, losing weight and managing your diabetes at the same time. This class is very interactive and covers the following topics:

  • Refresh and personalize your carb counting skills
  • Practice using online resources for carb counting
  • Learn to make healthier choices when dining out
  • Practice planning healthy, balanced meals

Physical Activity and Diabetes (new)

Our Certified Diabetes Educators will help you tackle the struggles with initiating and sticking with a physical activity regimen that is best for you and your diabetes. Meet in a small group setting to review evidenced based guidelines on physical activity and diabetes. This is a highly interactive class that will take your physical activity to a new “level”!

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Diabetes 101 Booklet

Caring for Your Diabetes: Basic Information to Help You Get Started PDF
(Intended for use with inpatient care during your stay at the hospital and preparing for discharge)

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