Inova Occupational Health Program

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Occupational Health Services for Your Employees

Inova Occupational Health Program partners with you to develop medical service offerings to meet your company's particular needs and ensure your employees are able to work safely and effectively.

Providing workplace health services to:

  • Over 1,100 diverse businesses and government and county agencies
  • Businesses with staff size ranging from 10 to 17,000 employees
  • Medical surveillance programs to support over 800 organizations

A step above other providers

  • Patient satisfaction rate consistently in the 94th percentile
  • Convenient, expanded weekday, weekend and holiday hours
  • Over 33,000 occupational health visits each year
  • 23 years of experience developing, managing and delivering highest level of occupational health services

"Fairfax Water has enjoyed an outstanding working relationship with the Inova Occupational Health Program since we started working with them in the mid-1990s. From expert advice and counsel provided by the medical director to the efficient handling of paperwork and arranging practical protocols, I can count on the seamless effort and fast response of the Inova Occupational Health team."

-Brian Miller, CSP, Safety Officer, Fairfax Water