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Inova Community Connect


Inova has launched Community Connect to serve independent physicians in our community with a comprehensive clinical and financial technology system. Based on the EpicCare electronic medical record (EMR) platform, it provides a suite of components to meet all clinical documentation and practice management needs.

Community Connect is a major component of Inova’s comprehensive strategy to enhance the delivery of patient care across its employed ambulatory, inpatient and independent physician communities. In addition to implementing EpicCare in all of our ambulatory sites and hospitals, Inova is offering Community Connect to independent physicians to further align and strengthen the provision of healthcare throughout our region.

With comprehensive patient information on a single database, Community Connect will bolster clinical integration, enhance local healthcare delivery, and improve quality and outcomes for all patients in Northern Virginia. Our community will benefit from a common technology platform that can advance meaningful use parameters, deliver accountable care and further develop the patient-centered medical home model.

Community Connect offers many advantages for physician practices. In addition to strengthening and supporting a tightly aligned physician network, the program offers training, affordability and complete integration via a shared patient record.

Program offering

The current offering of the Community Connect system is to primary care physicians (internal medicine, family practice, pediatrics and OB/GYN) interested in participating in the evolving Inova Physician Network.

Technical requirements

Community Connect software is the system the employed Inova Medical Group physicians are currently using in Inova’s outpatient sites. Practices that install Community Connect will be able to share all data with these physicians, except for financial information. Financial information will be segregated for your view only.

Practices that opt for Community Connect will be provided with basic hardware specifications. In addition, we will complete a detailed review of equipment and technical needs including devices, servers and connectivity for each practice.

Contact us

If your practice is interested in learning more, call 703-914-6163 or email Frank Zwanziger.

Inova’s EpicCare EMR

Inova selected Epic Systems Corporation – one of the most highly regarded electronic medical record systems in the healthcare industry today – as our partner in transforming patient care by launching a fully integrated electronic medical record (EMR) system.

Tell me about Epic Systems

Epic Systems Corporation is Inova’s vendor for its new EMR. Epic makes software for mid-size and large medical groups, hospitals and integrated healthcare organizations. Based in Madison, WI, the company supplies electronic records for prominent healthcare providers such as Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, the Cleveland Clinic, and Johns Hopkins Medicine, as well as health plans and medical groups around the country. Epic is currently the EMR vendor for over 300 clients. This comprises a powerful healthcare community; 127+ million patients.

What does the Community Connect program offer for clinical documentation and practice management needs?

Practice Management Registration, Scheduling & Billing Functions
EpicCare Clinicals Comprehensive Electronic Health Record
My Chart Web-based Patient Portal
Care Everywhere Health Information Exchange
Haiku & Canto iOS (iPhone, iPad) & Android

Key benefits of Community Connect for clinicians and office staff

Community Connect will help you improve the quality of care to patients and efficiency of your office. In addition to enabling you to achieve meaningful use, here are some other benefits you will realize:

  • Instant access to your patients' records
  • Easily track trends and review care decisions from other clinicians
  • User-friendly documentation templates and charting tools encourage thorough documentation at the point of care, greatly reducing transcription costs and administrative workloads
  • Pre-configured documentation templates provide a solid starting point for immediate use or further modification
  • Decision support features help minimize errors and redundant testing while encouraging compliance with organizational best practices
  • Simplified workflows minimize data entry errors and help improve the overall patient experience
  • Less redundancy. Patients will not have to respond to repetitive questions as they move through your practice, and users will have access to tailored workflows, registration wizards and error checking features that allow them to work more efficiently
  • Increased accuracy in billing, performing HIPAA-compliant electronic eligibility and address verifications
  • Simplified scheduling workflows
  • Reduction or elimination of transcription costs
  • Improvement of charge captures and copy collection

Inova Community Connect pricing

At Inova, we know how essential it is to access and manage health information. Inova has created a competitive pricing model which includes the full subsidy allowed by the Federal Law. Please call the Community Connect team for more information at 703-914-6163 or email Frank Zwanziger.


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