Concussion Resources

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Concussion Resources

Expert Commentary / Podcasts

  • SportsTalk570
    Inova's "Ask the Doctor" airs Saturday mornings at 10 a.m. on SportsTalk570 as part of the Redskins Health & Wellness Program.
  • Ask the Doctor: Vestibular Therapy for Concussion Patients (air date 4/14/17)
    In this episode of Inova’s “Ask the Doctor,” Neuropsychologist and Director of the Inova Sports Medicine Concussion Program, Dr. Melissa Womble and Dr. Sheri Fedor, Physical Therapist, Director of the Inova Vestibular Concussion Program explain why vestibular therapy is a part of a multidisciplinary team approach used when treating concussion patients.
  • Ask the Doctor: Concussion
    The following 3-part podcast series features Dr. Jessica Wertz and Dr. Melissa Womble discussing how a concussion occurs, the evaluation, treatment and key components to recovery.

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